Going to the Movies

May 9, 2012

Going to the movies, made simple.

Does anyone else remember the days of having to look up movie times in the newspaper? or at best, calling and listening to the recording provided by the theater?

I had long forgotten about this archaic process until recently. A few friends and I decided to go watch a movie and immediately, everyones first instinct was to pull out their iPhones and check for movie times. Not only did they have access to the list of showing movies and times within seconds, but each title was accompanied by a trailer and links to review websites.

To me, this occurrence signified two things; the first being that I must be getting old because this was one of ┬áthe first times I genuinely thought “back in my day….,” and secondly, it signified the great leaps technology has made and the usefulness of cross-media platforms.

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